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"Brian transformed my business into a rockstar team that delivered." - Brian Moran, SamCart Founder - We grew to $500M in platform revenue and produced $1.2M in a 4 day product launch. 

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Hunt a Killer - Immersive subscription box

  • Reduced CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) by 50%
  • Increased paid product delivery from 1x per month to 2.1x per month per customer
  • Increased Conversion by 8% and AOV (Average Order Value) by 11%
  • Managed product team for 6 months leading up to Fast Company award
  • Reduced first month churn by 16% through customer feedback loop


Agencies Replaced


Day 10 Revenue Growth


Reduced Churn

samcart - checkout landing pages

  • Engineered launch funnel to capture $1.2M in 4 day product launch.
  • Transformed engineering team to follow scrum, reduce tech debt and build features that mattered, translating into 500M+ in platform revenue
  • Developed front end evergreen webinar funnel to capture leads at 1:1 ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) with a 4x back end return
  • Negotiated processing revenue share deal to 1.8x top line revenue


Million Dollar Product Launch


Million Dollar Platform Revenue

Ginkgo - Cyber learning management

  • Creator of Cyber LMS for KeyW. Sold for $190M in contracts
  • Created team from prototype to 5 engineers and 20+ content creators
  • Performed highly visible demonstrations for government clients
  • Contributor on a patent for distributed system in a learning environment


Created Ginkgo


Million Dollar Sales

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