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Startup Services

Sweet Startup Success

You have a sweet idea you've been thinking about for days, months or even years. We'll dive deep into your world to fast track your product into a success. We're the right partner to drive your idea into a successful product.
- Your interim CTO.

Advice and Consultation

Have any idea but don't know where to start? Let's chat and we'll help make you a success. We'll share the differences between success and failures we've seen from our experiences.

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Simple Startup Services

Not all ideas are the same but process to success is repeatable. We offer the same service to all startups, a service that we have proven works to drive customers to your door.

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Build and Launch in 4 weeks for $12k

Your Startup to Market in Four Weeks

We take a deep dive into your idea, dwindle it down to your core value proposition. We design, build and launch it to market in just four weeks. Some ideas are larger than others and will take more time (and money) but our goal is to find that one thing that we can use to build your product as fast as possible. Once your customers give feedback, we work with you to iterate and build the next versions of your product.

What to expect:

  • Week 1 - Design. We mock out your idea using wireframes and establish a thought-out user experience.
  • Week 2 - Build. We are heads down building your application. We meet bi-weekly to go over progress and maintain an open communication.
  • Week 3 - Build. We continue building your application. We wrap up major functionality and demo the entire user experience.
  • Week 4 - Test. We send you a QA link to test and we work together to finalize any outstanding items. You own the product 100%, we deliver a fully hosted and functional website.

What's next? We work with you to iterate and build future versions of your product.

What if it's late? With fixed price billing, you pay nothing more. We deliver a finished product to you at the agreed price.

Does this work? Yes! We've successfully done this 22 times with varying degrees of success. We've learned from the past and we share it all with you.

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We'll Guide Your First Startup Steps

Super Simple Landing Pages

We'll Help you Make a Great First Impression

Simple Converts

We take a deep dive into your idea and develop a set of three landing pages designed to pre-sell your idea, build a list and generate buzz.

Give your Prospects a Talking Point

While you're pitching your idea to prospects, nothing stops their interest faster than not having a website. A web presence establishes your domain knowledge, commitment to your idea and it gives your prospect a way to follow up with you and share with their friends.

How much? $1.5k

How long? 1-2 weeks.

Do I get a credit for other services? Yes! The full price counts towards other startup services. Often clients start here and then build their startup with us.

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